Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Day and Random Pics

See! I'm ever so slowly getting caught back up.   
This past Thanksgiving we kept it very low key. In the morning we ran our 2nd annual Turkey Trot that us and our friends put on.
 There were only about a dozen or so that joined in on the fun, but I'm hoping that if we keep doing it each year, that eventually we can get people from the community to join in and make it a big thing. It's just a fun 5k on the morning of Thanksgiving and then hot chocolate/apple cider afterwards. It's a great way to start Thanksgiving!
Chad was kind enough to be the photographer for the race. Here are a couple of fun ones.
After the race, we went home and made some dishes to bring over to Chad's parent's house for the feast. Chad's brother lives about 5 minutes away, so we were all able to get together at his parent's house and enjoy the day together. The kids made crafts and played together while the guys and I went out shooting and then later played some card games. It was a great day!
While going through my pictures from the turkey trot, I found a few of them that I forgot to put on the blog. Here are a few of the girls that I took back in September. I told them I'd do a fun photoshoot with them, and I think they enjoyed it. I ended up printing out some of them and blowing them up really big for the girls' room (pictures to come soon.....)
And last but not least, here is our annual family picture. We only had about 10 minutes to get any kind of shot since it was during Chad's lunch break, but my sweet friend Natalie was kind enough to be the eyes behind the camera and snap a great shot of us. I just love these guys!


jamieschip said...

Cutest family picture ever! Emma was so excited, seeing Jayden and Ryleigh wearing her clothes. Love the green and blue together. Wish I could have been there to run the 5K. No one in our ward does it... I should probably start one up. Anyway, can't wait to see you in 3 days!!

the sheldons said...

HOLY CUTEST FAMILY PICTURE!!!! You guys belong on a "Come visit our LDS Family Perfectness Center" billboard. And could your girls be the prettiest children on the planet!!!
Good job kicking that 5K's trash!

I'll call you tomorrow. My sister beeped in when I was talking to you and then my other sister showed up and we were nonstop after that until today when she flew home. I literally just returned some texts today that I got on Friday. Soooo tired.

Pieces of me... said...

I LOVE that family photo! You need to get that blown up and put on your wall (if you already haven't ;). Such a cute fam!

Anonymous said...

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